New member saying hello

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New member saying hello

Post by 1895BrickConversion » Fri 27th Nov, 2020 8:47 am

Hello all

I'm a new member who, as my user-handle probably suggests, lives in a late Victorian, brickwork, former schoolhouse that was subsequently converted into a dwelling house.

Look forward to receiving (and maybe from time to time offering) helpful thoughts through the forum.


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Re: New member saying hello

Post by MatthewC » Mon 30th Nov, 2020 2:11 pm

Welcome, Steve.

There is a lot of experience on here with lots of (potentially) good advice, which you can accept or ignore as you see fit. When you can explain your issue clearly (possibly with photos where approprate) then please do ask away. It's quite unusual for no-one at all to have a clue or opinion!!

On the right of my post is a "Contact" thingy. If you click that you can then either send a PM or if you click on the blue blob you can see my blog which I started 10 years ago (is it really that long?). The blog shows the story of my experience of restoring a mid 1800s limestone house (listed grade II), which might keep you occupied on a dark and wet winter's night...

I also look after a Grade I listed church which dates from the early 12th C


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Re: New member saying hello

Post by Feltwell » Mon 30th Nov, 2020 10:53 pm


A reasonable number of Victorian places on here as you'd expect, mine included. As Matthew says, it's a good place to ask advice, pick up tips and bounce ideas around.

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Re: New member saying hello

Post by YorkshireCottage » Tue 1st Dec, 2020 11:47 am

I'm going to hijack this to say hello and introduce myself too, rather than setting up another thread - sorry Steve :)
I was on here years ago when we owned a Grade 2 listed place - all usernames now long forgotten and we're about to buy an old cottage, so I'm starting again. The house needs a lot of basic "bringing into the twentieth century" type work including rewire, heating, insulation, water and sewage systems, removal of UPVC windows and doors, stripping off fake beam coverings, exposing the stone floors again - the list goes on and on. Once we've completed I'll put some pictures on as I'm sure we'll be needing advice on how best to do things/thoughts on what we're planning.
Look forward to speaking to you all soon!
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Re: New member saying hello

Post by Flyfisher » Tue 1st Dec, 2020 4:36 pm

Nicely hijacked :wink:
Welcome both to the world of period property. I love the description of "bringing into the twentieth century" as including the removal of UPVC windows! Perhaps this will become a 21st century trend - we can but hope.

No doubt you've already realised that we love pictures on here, so in your own time . . . :wink:

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Re: New member saying hello

Post by LadyArowana » Tue 1st Dec, 2020 7:55 pm

Welcome from me too, and yes we all love pictures. Although some of us are *really* bad at posting ours :oops:

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Re: New member saying hello

Post by Gothichome » Tue 1st Dec, 2020 11:08 pm

Steve and YC, welcome from the international continent (maybe the only foreigner) of Period Property.

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