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Re: A Christmas Toast...

Post by Feltwell » Tue 29th Dec, 2020 10:42 am

I think quite a few of us can regrettably emphasise with that one. My kit car is sat in bits part way through a suspension rebuild that *will definitely* be finished by the time they stop chucking salt on the roads. Unless the house gets in the way!

I've a VFR750 motorbike, 1989 model, bought by me in 1994 - was my only transport as a student. Fast forward 22 years, poor thing was sat in the garage for about 5 years and I *finally* got around to recommissioning it - took it out for a ride and it ran like a bag of spanners, fuel had evaporated in the carbs and gummed up the jets. So I bought all the kit to overhaul the carbs, including an ultrasonic cleaning tank, but I *still* haven't got around to doing it..... :oops:

Good to know about the Stag though. I need to curtail vehicle purchases for now - I've pretty much ran out of room, and at some point (hopefully a good few years away yet) I'll be inheriting a rather nice Herald Convertible that my Dad has.

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