How to stop wooden finials from rotting

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How to stop wooden finials from rotting

Post by plasticpigeon » Sat 16th Jan, 2021 10:42 pm

At the apex of some pitched roofs, often above windows on the front of victorian and edwardian houses where the barge boards meet there is a wooden finial. It seems that the slates or tiles are cut around the finial. I have often wondered what the detailing is to stop water going down the back of the finial and rotting the roof at that point. Does anyone know? Here is a picture of a signal box which illustrates what I mean.
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Re: How to stop wooden finials from rotting

Post by Feltwell » Sun 17th Jan, 2021 10:33 am

I don't know but.....if I was doing one now I would cut a slot in the finial a couple of inches up and dress some lead in to the slot and down overlapping soakers - then seal the lead into the slot with some silver CT1 sealant. Almost try and replicate what you do with a chimney as below.

It will always be a vulnerable position though.


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