Claytec Undercoat Claytec Undercoat  Ref: PL0040030

Claytec Undercoat is a blend of clay, fine aggregates and plant fibres supplied as a dry powder. It has an indefinates shelf life if stored dry ansd requires only mixing with clean water to be ready for use. It hardens by drying as no chemical reaction takes place, and so remains workable for a long time and can be re-worked by the addition of water at any time.

The yield of a 30kg bag at 15 - 50mm thickness is between 1.5 - 0.45sq mtrs

Claytec Undercoat is suitable for use on internal surfaces of walls and ceilings. It attaches by mechanical bonding to all stable and dry substrates, including masonry, clayboard, reedboard, timber lathing and lime undercoat plasters. Undercoat plasters are not recommended for use on plasterboards because during drying, water will be absorbed by the board which will then become unstable. It is however a practical alternative to using gypsum or lime plasters and is compatible with breathing construction in historic and new buildings.

Physical properties: Density 1500kg/m3 Thermal conductivity 0.66W/mk Vapour diffusion resistance factor (ref air) m8