Efflorescence lifespan?

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Quarry weary

Efflorescence lifespan?

Post by Quarry weary » Mon 8th Nov, 2004 6:18 pm

I wonder if anybody could spare some good advice about quarry tiles. I discovered a quarry tiled floor when I bought my house (4 years ago) under two synthetic rubber backed carpets.

They were removed straight away, but not surprisingly a lot of moisture had been held back and I have been sweeping / mopping off the salts ever since. Plentiful at first, but now reduced to patches of a white in the space of a couple of weeks after washing.

But my question is - how much longer?? Ive read through all the 'quarry' threads and wonder if everybody waits this long for the tiles to stop producing the salts? Will the linseed / milk / beeswax / wax & turps paste / ecover coatings over the top ever be enough to stop the stuff coming through? Have tried some of these, so I can answer myself I suppose - no.

Is there any hope for this floor? I understand the breathing logic, but really am running out of patience and am fed up with dragging this stuff (as hard as I try otherwise) around the house. Am tempted to get someone in to throw a big tub of sealant over it (tut, tut) - after all, neighbours have bitumen over theirs and no rising damp in their walls!!!

Any advice, for the efflorescent weary would be appreciated. Thankyou.

P. Hesketh

Re: Efflorescence lifespan?

Post by P. Hesketh » Wed 8th Mar, 2006 11:39 am

I have exactly the same problem but as yet have waited only a few days not months!
Did you ever solve the problem and ,if so, how?


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