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Post by Moo » Sun 19th Feb, 2006 2:31 pm

Dear Nobby,

Please see my last post.

Yours humbly,

Moo, aka the class dunce.


Re:Hypocrisy? *LINK*

Post by Norwayman » Sun 19th Feb, 2006 7:24 pm

It seems obvious that merging would allow savings to be made - e.g expensive office space in central London, paid staff duplicating effort etc... The original reason I mentioned it was to point out that Patrick is not alone in having a commercial interest. Just because an organization is "charitable" does not mean to say that its employees do not have an economic incentive to publicise it (i.e. keeping their cushy jobs). You regulary spam this discussion forum with the SPAB website. Patrick has merely followed your example.

I'm going to settle down and watch some telly now. I'll probably have a laugh and read some more of your rantings tomorrow afternoon.

Internet addiction.



Post by Evelyn » Sun 19th Feb, 2006 7:58 pm

Oh ho ho ho - expensive office space, cushy jobs???

Ho ho ho ho ho!

I'll pass that on!!!


Re:Hypocrisy? *LINK*

Post by Evelyn » Sun 19th Feb, 2006 8:10 pm

Oh - I have no connection at all with SPAB other than as a member.

I pay my subs. As do others. I do however think it does a great job! It is our oldest conservation society, and without it I suspect that we wouldn't have the amount of period property we have today surviving. I gather you have no real interest however in conservation, or appropriate ways to treat historic buildings, just in being - well, rather silly actually.

Many connected with SPAB give freely of their time and expertise, and it does magnificent work in keeping alive craft skills and educating the public on sensitive care and repair.

Patrick makes money from his website and his so-called 'advice'. Commercial posts etc...

See thread above about damp. Not all think he is correct. I trust those who have posted and their expertise with historic buildings.

I'm settling down now to write a submission to the DCMS Commons Select Committee on our heritage. They tend not to think I rant.

It's a rather more intellectually challenging pursuit than telly I admit. But rewarding.

Woof woof.




Post by spoonhunter » Sun 19th Feb, 2006 8:54 pm

Sorry Norwayman - I can not agree with you. SPAB's aim is not for personal gain - Patrick's is. I am not sure, from his outrageous ranting, that his advice is entirely trustworthy either. Why does he feel the need to draw readers to his website, or to constantly plug his credentials (insecure new boy on the block?). No other resident expert plugs their business so openly. This is supposed to be a friendly forum, not some commercial 'buy it now' auction. I would much prefer it if Patrick would p*ss off. I can not see how you can compare SPAB to Patrick. Beyond me. Maybe you are missing the point of what the majority of us are trying to do here?



Post by MJ » Sun 19th Feb, 2006 9:42 pm

"Maybe you are missing the point of what the majority of us are trying to do here? "

Hmmm another person speaking for the majority.

I wonder how you assess if what you are saying is true? I.e. You speak for the majority?

Just an observation.

Some others seem to think they speak for the majority and there is no way to prove that.

Just because people stay silent does not mean they agree or disagree.

My 2p for tonight.

<IMG SRC="http://www.periodproperty.co.uk/discuss ... s/wink.gif" BORDER=0 ALT=";)">

P.s. Please don't take this as support or not for either side in this thread, I am just making an observation on that specific comment above.

Biff Vernon


Post by Biff Vernon » Sun 19th Feb, 2006 10:05 pm

Of course there's no knowing what the views of any silent lurkers maybe, but it is pretty clear where those of us who regularly post answers to questions on this forum stand. Hence the use of 'majority' was entirely appropriate.

Jon Maine

Re:Witch hunt?

Post by Jon Maine » Sun 19th Feb, 2006 10:24 pm

You are showing your ignorance, I see you are new to the forum, perhaps you can explain if this is the way you feel about period properties and the so very different charities doing different things in the field why are you here?
Is it a co-incidence that you started posting just after Patrick showed his ignorance?

Would you kindly grow up, This seems to have become an Evelyn witch hunt, nothing else.
Evelyn does a lot of positive work,can you tell us what you do of a constructive nature?


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