Seeking contractors for chimney/roof and interior repairs

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Seeking contractors for chimney/roof and interior repairs

Post by herrraoul » Wed 16th Sep, 2020 3:33 pm

Hi all,

I would be very grateful for recommendations for reputable contractors or individuals who could carry out the following works on the Victorian house I'll soon be moving into in the Ascot, Berkshire area

* Roof - Lime mortar on the ridge tiles needs re-doing as well as the tiles on the verge , which are defective and loose. Original 1880-90's roof.
* Repointing/repairs to brickwork (lime mortar) on parts of front of the house.I'd like to discuss the possibility of tuck repointing for a refined end result.
* Chimney - cracked flaunching, spalled bricks and loose pointing needs attention. I'd like to replace chimney pots as well.
*Airbricks replacing and installing new in cast iron

*Walls - repainting . might need some pre-treating to heal some minor cracks in rooms
*Floorboards on the second floor- currently covered in carpet from the previous owners.
*Small number of Built in wall units need removing .

I don't mind if any contractors or individual don't do all of the above, as we are likely to have to phase the work anyway. I just would like workers that have patience and appreciate victorian properties, with an understanding of traditional techniques and materials.

House is detached built circa 1880-1890's. Approx. 96 sq metres across two floors.

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Re: Seeking contractors for chimney/roof and interior repairs

Post by Feltwell » Mon 21st Sep, 2020 5:34 pm

Bump back to the top of the list for you. Can't help for that area, but I would say don't get too hung up on lime for your ridge, verge and flaunching - I'd consciously choose to do all those in cement, they're so exposed and breathability doesn't matter there.

Brickwork though, lime every time, just go for a strong mix above roofline / below DPC.

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Re: Seeking contractors for chimney/roof and interior repairs

Post by Kearn » Mon 21st Sep, 2020 9:47 pm

My go-to guy for anything lime, which I don't do myself, is Nicolae at - based in London, but travels. We're in Sonning.

He's massively flexible, very conscientious and goes without saying, highly skilled - with a small team who support him. He's lime plastered internally and externally on our 16C cottage and helped me lay a brick pavier floor after I'd put a lime crete base in as well as some remedial repairs to an unfinished inglenook restoration and ad hoc brick repairs and some pointing on various areas of brick infill panels across the centuries from the early Georgian part of our house onwards.

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