Should I keep the sashes?

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David Rawlins

Re: Should I keep the sashes?

Post by David Rawlins » Fri 1st Apr, 2005 8:20 pm

There is no question you should try and keep the sashes. The Council are proposing replacing joinery which probably came from a tree growing for well over a 100 years, and has been in situ for a further 100 years+, with something that has a life of around 25 - 30 years. I regularly see double glazing units that have failed after 5 years, and guarantees that are only valid if you clean the windows once a month. Dulux do a paint where UPVC windows have yellowed: It is therefore totally incorrect that they are free from maintenance. Usually, any decay usually affects the bottom of the window: the sill and stiles. They are therefore invariably fully capable of repair without having to replace. When painting use a (breathable) linseed oil based paint rather than one that is from a DIY shop, which will prevent moisture evaporation.

Is your house in a Conservation Area or National Park (if not Listed)? If so the Building Control Office should have a copy of the Guidance Notes on Part L of Building Regulations provided by English Heritage, which covers such aspects as window replacement etc - Apart from anything else this a particularly good document outlining excellent guidance on alterations on period properties. It is undergoing further review at present, probably due to the further alteration to insulation regulations, as dictated by Europe, at the end of this year.


Re: Should I keep the sashes?

Post by Evelyn » Fri 1st Apr, 2005 9:09 pm

David - I think this has nothing to do with Part L or Conservation Areas - if this indeed is Pathfinder HMRI's, this is a very, very different matter... lucky in fact that demolition isn't the answer.

400,000 demolitions proposed... Darwin, Stoke, Liverpool, etc etc...


Re: Should I keep the sashes?

Post by lindab » Fri 1st Apr, 2005 11:27 pm

Evelyn, excuse my ignorance but what is this pathfinder stuff all about?? Our local council is planning on doing compulsary purchase orders and demolitions on alot of houses in a nearby town, I don't know wether it is the same thing or not. But I'm interested and would like to know about this Pathfinder thing.


Re: Should I keep the sashes?

Post by Evelyn » Fri 1st Apr, 2005 11:32 pm

Where is the town?

Pathfinder - is the government policy, costing billions, for apparent housing market failure in the north and midlands.

Far, far too complicated to put in a few words! However - it's wiping out swathes of housing which is part of our heritage.

On Tuesday, the Commons Select Committee Inquiry is reporting - I'll post links to the report.


Re: Should I keep the sashes?

Post by lindab » Fri 1st Apr, 2005 11:45 pm

The town is Goole and the houses are back to back Victorian terraced houses. Alot of the people have lived there for years, done them up and looked after them and don't want to move even though some have been taken over by unscruplious landlords for easy money via the drug addicts who get their money and housing paid for by the DSS!! There is uproar, because these are close knit people.


Re: Should I keep the sashes?

Post by Evelyn » Sat 2nd Apr, 2005 12:26 am

Yes - - Darwin is another example.

Same story all over these areas.

SAVE is to produce a report we hope soon, and has made a great deal pof fuss - hence the Commons Select Committee Enquiry.

However, it's too late for many houses already gone...

lee williams

Re: Should I keep the sashes?

Post by lee williams » Mon 4th Apr, 2005 7:40 pm

keep the sash windows, they will prove to out last any upvc window as Ive found to my cost. Ive had upvc and now installing box sash in wood, they are better for sound prevention and heat retention than any upvc. Ive had major/ national firms who supplied and fitted my upvc, and they are not as good as my local joinery firm (in wood).


Re: Should I keep the sashes?

Post by R TINY » Thu 9th Mar, 2006 9:34 am


I managed to keep the sashes - hurray!

The council grudgingly agreed to record the windows and when the men came to do it they took all day!

I went to check the windows opened OK - the bottoms were OK but the tops wouldn't open. On further investigation I found that the lovely men had actually NAILED THE TOP WINDOWS SHUT - not by accident - on purpose. I was very annoyed but rather than get them back I took the nails out myself. Job done, I thought. Except that I found they hadn't even recorded the top sashes!

The next day, I went into my front garden and guess what I found discarded there? All the sash weights from the top sash windows. I am absolutely disgusted and very disappointed. What is the use of having sash windows that I can't open? Perhaps they are trying, in a roundabout way to force me into having plastic windows.

I am reluctant to get the same builders back - even though they are being paid out of the "regeneration" council budget. I think I will have to try and win the lottery so I can call in Ventrolla, and get the experts to overhaul my windows!

On the bright side, at least I spotted the weights in the garden before the builders threw them away! Luckily, our builders don't like bad weather and it has been a bit rainy - we haven't had a roof on for nearly 3 weeks now because they say they haven't got any slates!


Re: Should I keep the sashes? *LINK*

Post by Evelyn » Thu 9th Mar, 2006 9:47 am

Well done on keeping the sashes - but what a disgrace!

I'd certainly make a fuss, and insist that they are repaired properly - someone is being paid to do this job, why should they be allowed to bodge it up?

Please do tell us which area you are in!


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