Carpet Stair Runners

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Carpet Stair Runners

Post by pj38 » Wed 7th Jul, 2021 6:43 pm

Hi All

I’m carpeting my stairs soon . It’s Victorian with a small return on the stairs . It’s nearly finished (the hallway) lots of renovation and decorating done .

I wanted a runner so I’m looking for recommendations for places I can view or order a carpet from , needs to be reasonable prices ?

Any suggestions 😀😀

Thanks Pete

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Re: Carpet Stair Runners

Post by plasticpigeon » Thu 8th Jul, 2021 8:57 pm

I am in almost exactly the same position as you, and am also looking for a stair runner. This place has quite a few different designs, some of which look quite nice.

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Re: Carpet Stair Runners

Post by 88v8 » Sun 11th Jul, 2021 10:56 am

Clips or rods?

This was our runner - brass rods
At the foot of the stairs the door to the coat cupbd. The apparent graining was actually the original ply - 30s door - stripped & varnished.
I made that bit of panelling on the right. It was a glue & nail job on a blockboard backing.


The runner came from... a local carpet shop in those pre-interweb days. I think it was Belgian.

In the hall we had a Rhinofloor imitation wood with a Turkey rug.

At the top the runner terminated at a 2 x 5/16" oak strip.
Yes, the landing carpet was different. One can mix & match. You just need to pick up a dominant colour.


The panelling on the left was a laundry box into which I dropped my dirties, and by some unknown process they reappeared washed and ironed... above my pay grade...

The wallpaper was a Wm Morris called Standen. We had one roll left over - 9 rolls for the hall stairs & landing - which I used here in our current cottage 28 years later.
Most Period houses look better wallpapered. I deplore the contemporary bland copout of painted walls.

The newel was taken from a derelict house on Wanstead Flats in the mid 70s, and found its home there in 1990 when our extension was built. The pinkish & gold was me... I liked it...


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Re: Carpet Stair Runners

Post by a twig » Sun 11th Jul, 2021 11:47 pm

For me modern photography always makes period decoration clash or jar somehow, really it needs to be an under lit scene or slightly under exposed film, maybe with a small artefact on the image from a minor manufacturing defect in the glassware and taken on Kodak Gold film (preferably expired) for true authenticity. :D

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Re: Carpet Stair Runners

Post by pip&mims » Mon 12th Jul, 2021 12:15 pm

Waves to Ivor, that looked lovely :D We've just hung William Morris Strawberry Thief wallpaper in the upstairs hallway here in our little 1600s mill.

At our last-but-one house (Georgian, three-storey, thatched) we fitted Roger Oates flat weave carpet on the stairs. It was in natural jute with a border of raspberry stripes which looked better than that sounds, lol! Sadly I can no longer access my old pics to illustrate the point :(

It wasn't cheap though. We did buy more for our last house (the lovely Arts & Crafts place, that I miss daily), which we got when Roger Oates were having an annual sale, but never fitted it....selling it instead on eBay, iirc. It's definitely worth looking on eBay if that's the kind of thing you're after as often there are unused/gently used bargains to be had :wink:

Mims x

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Re: Carpet Stair Runners

Post by pj38 » Tue 13th Jul, 2021 3:22 pm

Thanks for all the advice

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