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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question or two regarding the use of Period Property UK you'll probably find the answer here.

For questions about maintaining period properties or home improvements please refer to the Agony Uncle feature...

So, is Period Property UK an online Estate Agent?
No. Period Property UK is simply a web site that focuses on period properties aiming to establish and support a community of interest in that subject.
Advertising Costs - How much is it to advertise a period property on Period Property UK?
As a private vendor of a period property you may advertise your property on the web site for just 45. The advertisement will remain on the site until you delete it. Undeleted adverts will be automatically de-activated after 90 days. You will be advised of this event by e-mail and given the opportunity to re-activate your advert which will cause it to remain 'live' for up to a further 90 days. Currently you may include up to fifteen colour photographs of your property. You may prefer your Estate Agent to place an advertisement on this website on your behalf. This will extend the exposure of your property to an audience that's particularly interested in Period Property whilst they deal with all the enquiries - remember, that's what you're paying them for! Instruct your Estate Agent to contact Period Property UK to find out about our advantageous rates for those wishing to promote multiple properties to a targeted audience interested in Period Properties.
Advertising Property - Why should I advertise a period property on Period Property UK?
Visitors to Period Property UK web site tend to have a particular interest in Period Property - there's nothing like advertising to a targetted audience. We have many cases where genuine sales have occurred as a consequence of an advertisement placed on this web site. Such as an UK ex-pat returning from Nigeria who purchased a property within a week of his return to the UK having first observed the property on this site. In another instance Steve Fish of Norfolk told us "I don't know how it compares with other sites, but what impressed me was the complete absence of 'time-wasters' - everyone who got in touch was genuinely interested, most visited the cottage, and moreover (this sounds an awfully naf thing to say but) they were a really nice bunch of people! and of course, best of all, I've sold the place to one of them!!"
Advertising Property - When will my property advertisement go live?
Upon activating your property listing it will be subject to moderation before it is visible on the website. Usually this occurs within 24 hours on business days.
Can I advertise any property on Period Property UK?
No. Period Property UK is for residential period property only. Only properties in excess of 100 years in age qualify. We frequently check the adverts and we will delete adverts for modern or commercial properties.
Enquiries - How will people contact me about a property I am advertising?
Most people will contact you directly using email.
Enquiries - What should I do when someone contacts me about my property?
Reply with further details about your property, ideally by email and ask them if they have any specific questions. Remember, you are the point of contact with the potential homebuyer. Period Property UK does not get involved in the stage of the buying/selling process.
Enquiries - If I receive enquiries from people overseas, should I reply?
Yes. People looking for a desirable dwelling when they come, (or return) to the UK frequently use the Internet as a means of doing this.
Advertising Products & Services - How can I advertise my products and services on Period Property UK?
Go to the Directory section - CLICK HERE
Property of the Month - How can I enter my period property as a candidate for "Property of the Month"?
Send your story to Period Property UK accompanied by some photos (in JPEG or GIF format) that show how your property has been transformed. Period Property UK will judge which story will be awarded the title of "Property of the Month" and have their story published on Period Property UK . The decision of Period Property UK is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Should your story not be selected for one month, you are cordially invited to submit it again in subsequent months.
Linking - I/We have a web site that would be of interest to your visitors. Will you link to it?
We have a 'Directory' feature on the site that is purposely included to list organisations and their contact details that would be of interest to our visitors. Please take a look there and complete and submit the application form. We make a small charge for listings within this directory.
Linking - Can I put Period Property UK in a frame on my web site?
Normally yes, but we do appreciate being asked first. Please contact Simon Wright
Old Advertisements - Some property advertisements have not been updated for months. Why?
Estate agents and private individuals are responsible for updating their own property advertisements on Period Property UK. Some update very often while others don't. If you feel that an advertised property is sold, email the advertiser direct or contact Period Property UK and we will contact the advertiser.
Sales - What are the chances of selling my home on the Internet?
The fact that many Estate Agents now have web sites is testament to the fact that many houses do sell with help from the Internet. Period Property UK caters for people with a particular interest in a special type of dwelling. So, whilst the number of viewers of properties on this site may not exceed that of general sites, the typical house hunter using this site is more likely to demonstrate genuine interest.
Period Property UK's Income - How does Period Property UK make money?
This is the most commonly asked question. Advertising is offered to individuals looking to advertise their residential property. We make our money primarily from estate agents who submit multiple properties and from commercial suppliers of products and services associated with Period Properties.
Visitors - Why does Period Property UK get so many visitors?
Many of our visitors are repeat visitors who benefit from the fresh content provided at this web site. Many first time visits result from the superior rankings the site attains on various search engines. There are also many links from independent web sites which share an interest in period properties.
Viewings - Do you arrange appointments for people to view my property?
No. People who are interested in your property will contact you direct by telephone or email.


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