We warmly invite vendors of products and services that are of direct relevance to the upkeep of Period Properties in the United Kingdom to place banner adverisements within the property section of the Period Property UK website. Please do not submit banner advertisments that are not relevant. We will approve relevant advertisements for display. 

Promotion materials requirements 

Banners sizes:

  • Leaderboards (Bottom Banners) 728px x 90px , 
  • Medium Rectangles (Right Banners) 300px x 250px
  • Big Left Banners 185px x 155px,
  • Left Banners 185px x 75px.

Prices and conditions.
All banners are included within a rotation. You can order up to 10 banners for 1 rotation place. 

Payment is for a Banner to feature within a banner rotation for fixed periods of 30 days. This is regardless of the number of impressions or click-throughs achieved.

Payment will be made in advance of the period during which the banner is displayed within a rotation. 
The price depends on which set of pages you choose to have your banner appear on.

Pages Price per 30 day period
Home Page £5.00
Listing Pages £5.00
Information Pages £2.00
Logged in User's Pages £2.00

How to place a Banner Advertisement

  1. Register as a user and login.
  2. Select the Banners option from the left hand navigation menu. The My banners page will appear.
  3. Select the Add banner button. The Add banner form will appear. 
  4. Populate the form: Enter a name, select its postion, enter the hyperlink and the alternative text. Select the Browse.. button to launch the file picker and use it to select the banner image to upload. When you've finished, select the Save button to submit the banner for approval. The My banners page will reappear with your new banner displayed in the list. 
  5. Once approval for the banner has been granted the status of the banner will appear as Approved. Select the Activate button. The Activate banner page will appear. Select the number of positions that you want to pay for. The total amount payable will adjust accordingly. Then select the Activate button. The Payments: Banner ads page will appear. 
  6. To pay, if you have enough credit in your PPUK account you can draw down on those funds. Select the Write off funds button to do this. Otherwise you may pay directly online using a Credit Card. Select WorldPay as the payment method and select the Continue button. You will be redirected to WorldPay's secure online payments where you can make a secure payment.

    (Note: Period Property UK does not handle your credit card details. WorldPay is a specialist secure online payments service provider, based in the UK, that handles credit card transactions on behalf of Period Property UK).  

    Once payment has been made the banner will appear within the rotation for the duration of the 30 day period.

How to view statistics about your Banner Advertisement

You can view statistics on the views and clickthroughs of your banner by selecting your banner's Statistics button on the My banners page.

How to delete your Banner Advertisement

You may delete your banner at any time by selecting your banner's Delete button on the My banners page, but note that no credit will be made to you for any unused banner display period.

Other questions? 

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact us form. (include your login name your phone and e-mail address and the name of your banner ad (if relevant).