How do I add a property listing on the Period Property UK website?

It's easy. Three steps. 1. Register, 2. Prepare your listing, 3. Activate

STEP 1) To Register, click the 'Sign up' link or the 'Add listing' button. On the 'Sign Up' pop-up form click 'Private Person' under 'Register As' (or Estate Agency' if you are sgning up on behalf of an Agency), fill in your details and click the 'Register' button. Your e-mail address will be your username and you can choose a password.

STEP 2) To Prepare your listing, click the 'Log In' link (top right) and login using your e-mail address and password. Click the 'My listings' menu item on the left hand side. Then click the 'Add listing' button. Select a listing type (e.g. Looking to sell) and enter the property's location. Save this and then enter further details such as a price, a property type, photos,a description and other information. You can preview your listing at any time. When you are ready you can activate your listing (See Step 3). Only when it is Active will it be visible to other people on the website.

STEP 3) To Activate your listing, simply change the listing's status from Inactive to Active by clicking the link 'Activate for public view'.  You will then be presented with payment options. To pay by credit card, click the 'Go to the payment page' button. Online payments are transacted securely through WorldPay (WorldPay is a secure online payment transactions service). Once you have completed the online payment your listing will be subject to approval by us at Period Property UK. This is so that we can ensure that the listing is appropriate for publishing on our site. Usually we approve listings within 24 hours on business days.

If you want to modify your listing, you can! Simply logon, find your listing in your 'My listings' section and edit details or add new photos.

If you decide to take your property off the market for a while, you can do that too! Simply 'deactivate' your listing and then reactivate it when you decide to put the property back on the market. Reactivated listings will be subject to approval as before.

So, is Period Property UK an online Estate Agent?

No. Period Property UK is simply a web site that focuses on period properties aiming to establish and support a community of interest in that subject.

If I add a property listing, do you arrange appointments for people to view my property?

No. People who are interested in your property will contact you direct by telephone or email.

Why should I advertise my period property on Period Property UK?

Visitors to Period Property UK web site tend to have a particular interest in Period Property - there's nothing like advertising to a targeted audience. We have many cases where genuine sales have occurred as a consequence of an advertisement placed on this web site. Such as an UK ex-pat returning from Nigeria who purchased a property within a week of his return to the UK having first observed the property on this site. In another instance Steve Fish of Norfolk told us "I don't know how it compares with other sites, but what impressed me was the complete absence of 'time-wasters' - everyone who got in touch was genuinely interested, most visited the cottage, and moreover (this sounds an awfully naff thing to say but) they were a really nice bunch of people! and of course, best of all, I've sold the place to one of them!!"

What does 'no commission' mean?

To add your listing of your Period Property for sale or for rent on the Period Property UK website you pay a fixed price (whatever the sale value of the property). That's it. You simply pay a one-off fee. We do have some additional services that you can take advantage of and these command additional fees. You can choose whether you want to use those services or not. There are no other charges whatsoever when the property is sold.

What if I'm already using an Estate Agent?

Don't worry - this is not a problem.

The use of Period Property UK does not affect the most common form of estate agents contract (Sole Agency). Under a standard sole agency agreement, you would not have to pay commission to a sole agent if you find your own buyer privately through advertising your property through us. By using us you could save money and multiply your chances of selling your home quickly.

Please note, please check your agent's contract carefully. A 'sole agency' agreement refers to other Estate Agents, rather than publishers like us. A "Sole Selling Rights" contract would allow the agent to charge you commission whoever you sell to, even if they don't introduce the buyer.

Should I tell my Estate Agent?

In our opinion it is only common courtesy to inform your Estate Agent that you intend to advertise privately as well as use them. Good communication helps to avoid misunderstanding over commission at a later date and has the added advantage of helping to incentivise your agent to marketing your property more effectively because they know they will not get paid if they don't introduce your final buyer.

What are my rights with "Sole Agency"?

Most period property owners do not realise that a standard Sole Agency agreement does not affect their right to sell the property privately. Your Estate agent is entitled to commission only if it sells your property, or if a buyer is introduced by another estate agent during the period of the sole agency. However, if you find a buyer using private advertising through one of Period Property UK's self-advertising packages then you won't be liable to pay any agent's commission.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) website has further information on "Using an estate agent - selling a property", or you can order their Consumer Advice Leaflet OFT157 by calling 0870 6060321

Can I sell my house without an Estate Agent?

Yes, of course you can.

Estate agents can take on many of the administrative and mundane jobs off your hands, as well as offering advice, acting as a go-between for you and your potential buyer(s). They may offer a number of benefits to the selling process such as:

  • Advertising the property for sale
  • Arranging appointments for people to view your property
  • Seeking feedback from viewers
  • Advice on the pricing of your property
  • Copy-writing of property details
  • Collation (from you) of relevant paperwork e.g. guarantees
  • Communicating and forwarding offers
  • Communicating with your solicitor
  • Tracking the progress of exchange of contracts
  • Keeping an eye on the status of 'chains'

But, when you think about it, the reality of selling and buying a property is that you are gradually drawn into and undertaking many of these tasks. Indeed, some people argue that by cutting the number of people involved in the line of communication you help to provide clearer, more direct and faster communication. Remember, the law does not require any of the items listed above to be carried out by an estate agent or indeed any other professional.

When you accept a buyer's offer, you just pass the details straight to your solicitor, who will do the necessary legal work.

Can I update or change my details after they are published on the Web site?


We have a simple to use online editing facility providing you with instant access to your own property details so that you can amend the published details directly, any time, 24 hrs a day. You have direct control to change the asking price of your property, update your description, select different contact details e.g. change email address or telephone number. But if you need help simply email us with the changes and we will amend your details quickly and efficiently.

How long will my property listing appear on the Period Property UK website ?

Your listing can stay on the Period Property UK website for as long as is needed. Once you have sold or leased your property you should delete your listing from this website. This is so that you don't disappoint people who contact you later only to find that the property you listed has already been sold. You can appreciate how annoying that would be. Unfortunately some people forget to delete their listings. To avoid having stale lisings on the site we automatically de-activate listings that are 200 days old. The system automatically sends you an e-mail to inform you that your listing has been de-activated. You can re-activate your listing for an additional fee. It will remain active for a further 200 days.

Listings that have been de-activated and not deleted are automatically deleted after a period of 60 days. Deleted listings can not be resurected. If your listing has been deleted and you require a new listing then a new listing activation fee will apply.

Can I advertise any property on Period Property UK?

No. Period Property UK is for residential period property only. Only properties in excess of 100 years in age qualify. We will not approve adverts for modern or commercial properties.

How will people contact me about a property I am advertising?

Your listing will have a link that people can click which will present them with a form that they can fill in to send you an enquiry by e-mail. We do not expose your e-mail address to them. Alternatively, if you supply a telephone number that will be displayed and they may give you a call.